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The Universe Tonight

Full length CD

(2001) Produced by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K., with Co-production by Bryan Rhuede and Laura Good and Linda Good.  Includes: "Irresistible You", "Love, Love, Love (Remix)", "Lucky", "Mrs. Green", "Someday", "Hello", "January", "It's Alright", "Who Carries You", "All Day And All Of The Night" "Surrender". Recorded in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.   The Twigs add some modern sounds to their acoustic, Beatle-esque arsenal.  Clever lyrics combined with pure pop melodies in tight 3-4 minute songs.  “Love, Love, Love (remix)” was featured in the film “Cruel Intentions 3” and continues to be heard around the world today. Also features award winning cover of Kink's song "All Day and All of The Night".

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From our first CD, "Blue" by The Twigs 

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