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Thanks for the thanks

So much to be grateful for, I don't care if it sounds cliche (which for all you die hard Todd fans is one of our favorite Todd Rundgren songs ever,  Cliche ).  He was an early influence, in fact so early Linda and I were mere babes when our older sisters blasted Todd records (vinyl!).  I remember them singing every word with a dreamy and knowing look (I could only relate to when I was older), and later being a bit shocked when Linda and I learned guitar by picking out his tunes. I'm grateful for every song that made me want to sing, dance, laugh or cry, sometimes all at once. I am grateful for how music seems to "play" through kids, who aren't embarrassed or jaded or worried about moving to the music. It's pure joy. I have learned a lot from watching little kids especially from how they enjoy music. That is what makes me grateful, so this week I want to say, "Hey Music, Thanks!!


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