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Spring means cake!

Ah Spring.  We had a great start to spring- Linda and I were able to be together in Los Angeles on our birthday, which being that we've always had to share the special day, was pretty fun. Growing up we were a bit glum about that prospect. Occasionally, our mom (busy working and raising five kids by herself) somehow had the energy to make separate cakes, but usually not. It seemed so unfair. Now I feel so lucky to just have had cake at all, ANY cake. And times have not changed as we still luuuuv cake. Our dear friend from Chicago, (a talented actor who is also an amazing baker) surprised us with the best gift of all (besides his presence) TWO cakes. Totally homemade and totally different.  It felt so luxurious.  So rich.  So creamy.  So chocolatey...Whoops I just got lost in the memory of the frosting.  In case you were wondering, they were a dark chocolate heath bar/espresso cake and white cake with fresh berries. Divine!!

Oh, in addition to eating LOTS of cake, we did more work on our new single and filmed some video in the desert. Though it was freezing and rainy (who knew!) we plunged ahead. Should make for an interesting sub plot: spring.

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