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September 2014

We're getting psyched for Linda's trip out east for our show at Jammin Java on the 27th.  It's our first time performing there and we are thrilled! Also in the works for our twin time is helping me unpack my house.  My family moved this summer and I don't know why but moves seem to do me in-you can never find anything and in the process wonder why you moved all this stuff that you don't end of needing or using…did I mention that we were renovating our "new" old house at the same time?

When Linda was here in July we ended up having to rehearse outside in the sunny Virginia heat while the floor refinishing got done..and RE-done (that's another story).  Now, as the renovations gods would have it, the roofers are starting on the day Linda arrives.  What can I say- at least it's Fall.

I've been pretty inspired here, the mountains and hayfields… and I've been writing a lot.  Linda and I recently found out we have deep ties to this area outside Charlottesville..right across the street from our house. There were a lot of "Goods" here in the 1700-1800's. Hmmm, the synchronicity is intriguing.   We're hoping to do some graveyard research when she's here. Can't wait to record some new songs next week...



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