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Fall into Fall

Jammin Java was great.  This was our first kids show in a "nightclub" and if there's one thing I know after playing in bars and clubs for the past 18 years: a night club in the morning after a late close is a dark and interesting place. Our load ins used to be 9:00 PM and now they're 9 AM! In fact our dear host, Ben, said he had to close just hours earlier at 3 AM where a Reggae band had played. I can tell you the good jamming vibes were still hanging in the air (as well as a few forgotten pedal adapters). Ben was admirably welcoming after what according to his hairstyle was just a few hours sleep.  He's also a professional comedian who somehow managed to keep us laughing as we set up and watched our new little audience file in. Usually at this time at home my family is still in their p.j.s starting to make pancakes but we had a blast performing for kids that never sat down. I guess the hula hoop contest didn't hurt, but what can I say, it never hurts to throw a few hula hoops in the car when you need some stage props.

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