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Back From Brain Surgery


Ever needed the excuse of the century as to why you haven't (choose all that apply): finished your record yet, blogged in a while, gotten back in shape, written your musical, called your old friends, toured recently, kept up on all your social media, written your congressmen, solved world hunger and finished your home reno? Well, excuses only work if they're real. And boy did I have surprise over the holidays.  What I thought was a nagging ear infection turned sudden slight hearing loss turned annoying constant whooshing in my ear turned out to be a DAVF, a rare vascular brain condition that needed brain surgery!  Holy smokes-surgery. In the brain. To make a long story short, it went well, I came through, am on the mend and back to work on our new musical, LadyShip. Stay tuned for more updates.  And oh yeah, it's good to be alive!

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